Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hello friends and family. Please forgive my lack of frequent updates. I have had a quite challenging few weeks, and I feel I've finally reached a point where I feel peace with the decisions I have made. I wasn't sure what sort of commitment I wanted to make to YWAM or how exactly I wanted to be involved. I was struggling thinking about living on an island versus going home to the mountains that I love so much. I realize now that God is taking me out of my comfort zone for a purpose. And I am now finding comfort outside of my comfort zone. I have committed to the work I am doing here for at least the next year. As I've mentioned before, I'm working with a ministry called PhotogenX. Our small team is currently working hard on a website we hope to launch very soon. The site is a Voice for the Voiceless. We're researching over thirty issues of injustice that occur all over the world, praying into the issues, and presenting them in practical ways. People will be able to visit the site, learn, and do. There will be ideas of projects, places to serve, and specific things to pray for. I am also working on the book that I started with my team in Cambodia. So I am quite busy here. I enjoy the work, but it is emotionally tiring and heartbreaking almost daily. It is good though, really good.
I have many prayer requests! Thank you to everyone who partners with me in prayer. As I said, it has been challenging for me here. I have been feeling overwhelmed and stressed with the work I'm doing. I've been struggling with loneliness, although I do have a couple amazing friends here. In a worship time we had a few nights ago, God was speaking very clearly to me. He said that only when I give everything will I have everything. Whoa! I believe that is true, but it is a tough one for me. Please pray for these struggles. Also, please pray for our PhotogenX family, that we will continue to have a passion and a heart for the issues we are researching. And last, please pray for my finances. I trust God, I trust that I am supposed to be here. I have seen His incredible provision. I am not worried because it is in His hands, but I do need continual prayer and support with finances. Thank you so much for keeping up with me and my adventure! Blessings!

John 16:33 :)

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